Tesla Key Replacement

Just think of the panic and stress you’d feel if you were walking to your Tesla and realized you’d misplaced your key card and couldn’t get in.

Tesla Key Replacement
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If your credit card is lost or stolen, your first thoughts will probably revolve on what to do next.

You dropped it in a public place; what if someone else finds it? Therefore, what would you do? Perhaps someone has followed you back to your Tesla in an attempt to steal it.

Theft of a Tesla may spread throughout a region if criminals knew where to look for additional vehicles using the same key card.

Though not inevitable, this situation is conceivable. But only if you don’t take action, like canceling the card and ordering a new one as instructed.

Here are the measures you must take before having a new key made for your Tesla car.

Phone Key for Tesla

The first thing you should do is check to see if your smartphone has a feature that acts like a key.

The Model 3 and the Model Y, for example, include keyless entry systems that can be operated by a smartphone app. Providing you can describe it in the simplest terms possible, your friend will be able to unlock their automobile as soon as they get close to it.

After the passengers have exited the car and the Walk Away Door Lock is activated, the doors will close and lock behind them. This happens when the car detects that all of its occupants have alighted.

A key card can only be activated once the initial configuration of the phone key has been completed; this is a one-and-done process. If you don’t do this, the key card won’t work.

Tracking Your Tesla Keys

See if you can locate your keys as a further step. An alternative technique involves starting the Tesla app and accessing its many options to get the key.

The communication between your smartphone and Tesla key is similar to that between your smartphone and a timepiece. Should this not be successful, try one of the alternative approaches described below.

Key Deactivation Using a Spare Tesla Key

If you also carry a spare key to your Tesla, perhaps in your wallet or the glove box, you can use that to disable your key card.

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You can disable the missing card by making the appropriate changes using your Tesla’s primary touchscreen. You must remember this specific sequence:

  • Controls must be selected before Locks may be.
  • Select the desired key card from the available options. Anything you use to unlock and start your Tesla, such as a key fob or a cell phone.
  • Make your choice, then discard it by clicking the bin symbol.
  • Scan the key card into the key reader’s empty slot when instructed to do so.
  • Similar to how Windows requires you to enter your profile password before making any major changes to the system, this is a confirmation step to make sure you really do want to delete the data.

How to Delete the Correct Card

Some owners find it difficult to sell or give away their cars because of the possibility that more than one key card is linked to the vehicle.

If you get rid of the spare but forget to get rid of the missing one, you’ll have a major problem.

Since the card is no longer present, you will be unable to remove it. This prevents you from removing the card from your set, which is a bummer.

The keys in Tesla’s system are organized by frequency of use. Because of this, the least-used key will always be displayed first, therefore the spare key will always be displayed first if you use the key card for the spare key to enter the vehicle.

Any spares that have been stored but not utilized will be moved to the bottom of the priority list. When you are sure, touch your card on the reader adjacent to the cup holder and the screen will highlight your card.

The Dread of Key-Loss on the Road

If you need assistance when away from home, consulting an expert is your best bet. It would be best to start by contacting Tesla using their website’s provided customer support number. That’s the first thing you ought to do.

A member of the support staff will also inquire as to your location to ascertain how far you are from the closest Tesla Service Center.

If you need assistance but are stranded far from the nearest Tesla Service Center, it is best to store your car in a safe spot until someone can come help you.

There’s no way you should try to start the car by yourself. So that we may find the right person to help you, we appreciate your patience as we make this effort.

Tesla Key Replacement

As soon as you’ve disabled the missing key card, you can start making arrangements to get new ones. The next sections explain what to do whether you have a backup card or have misplaced all of your cards.

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With a Tesla Spare Key

The key from a recognized vehicle can be used to order replacement key cards from Tesla’s website if you don’t have a spare key.

The price per pair is $35, and there is a one-pair minimum order quantity. They are only available in bundles with other items and cannot be purchased alone.

Get two key cards plus a wallet to store them in for $35. To activate your new key cards once they arrive, please follow these steps:

  • To add more keys, go to the “Controls” menu, pick “Locks,” and then hit the huge “+” button.
  • Your new key card will be instantly recognized when you place it on the reader, which is placed on top of the center console.
  • The key has to be renamed so it can be found in the index. Just click “Edit” next to “New Key Card” to make the necessary changes.

Without a Tesla Spare Key

In the event that you lose your primary set of keys, you may have a more difficult time of things if you do not have approved key replacements on hand.

You will not be able to confirm or program a new key card for the vehicle if you do not have possession of any existing key cards linked to the vehicle.

The best course of action is to replace the lost key cards with new ones and then schedule an appointment with your local Tesla Service Center to have a technician assist you with the programming of the new cards.

A Tesla employee is the only person who can assist in programming replacement keys if you do not have access to an authenticated spare. To put it simply, only Tesla personnel have access to the required software.

You should always be ready to show identification in the event that it is requested of you, therefore bring the necessary documents with you.

If you need help setting up the new cards, you can plan a visit from a qualified professional who will come to your location.

You can’t perform programming over the phone or the internet; it has to be done face-to-face. We can rule out either option.

Tips for Keeping Your Keys Secure

Keep your Tesla keys secure by following these suggestions.

1. Pin & Security

Before you lose your keys or cards, set up a PIN so that your car won’t start unless you enter it. Even if a burglar manages to get their hands on one of your key cards, they may only be able to unlock the car’s door and not be able to start the engine or drive away.

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Even if the thief manages to steal all of your key cards, they won’t be able to enter the building. You’ll be safe for the time being, and you’ll be able to carefully evaluate your options.

2. Labeling

Marking each card with its name can help you keep track of what it is and avoid mixing them up. This manner, you can easily distinguish between the different cards and never lose track of the ones you need to save.

In contrast to credit cards, which often have your name anywhere on the card, the Tesla key card does not.

Stickers are the only way to distinguish between them, but once you do, you’ll be able to assign the right name to each touchscreen button. However, there are subtle differences between them despite their apparent similarity. A number of alternatives can be considered.

3. Always keep one card at home.

Another frequent oversight is carrying around multiple credit card holders. Picture this: your wallet is taken along with two key cards you keep in it.

If this happens, you’ll have to deal with the worst-case scenario described above, which includes borrowing phones and other products, and setting up appointments with Tesla to get your replacements configured.

Therefore, you should always have a backup vehicle stashed away safely, whether it’s in your garage, a desk drawer at the office, or anywhere else you can count on it being.

Also, move fast to verify and upload your backup key card into the system. If your card has not been activated or linked to another account, you will not be able to use it.

4. Remote S App

Apple Watch owners now have another tool to weigh when trying to find a solution to an issue, thanks to the “Remote S” app for iOS. By utilizing this function, your Tesla can be managed from the convenience of your wrist. In the event that your phone’s power goes out, this will allow you to maintain digital access.

If you stick to these guidelines, you shouldn’t have any trouble if you misplace a key card at the right time. Don’t let yourself get stirred up too much!

Last Words

Lost keys are a major hassle. No matter if it’s a Tesla key or some other kind of key. Fortunately, Tesla has provided us with a number of customer-friendly solutions to assist us work around this issue.

While daily use of Tesla keys might make life easier, technology also comes with hurdles and problems if the keys are lost. We trust that you will find the given data to be informative.

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