Everything You Need to Know About Charging Your Electric Car While on the Road

Everything You Need to Know About Charging Your Electric Car While on the Road
Everything You Need to Know About Charging Your Electric Car While on the Road

One of the most cherished activities in the United States is going on a road trip, whether with a large group of people or just one other person. A recent AAA study found that 79 percent of families had booked a summer road vacation in 2017, up 10 percent from the previous year.

There is no reason to doubt that these figures won’t continue to rise with each passing year. What’s the nicest thing about taking a road trip in 2021 or 2022, though?

With an electric car in the driveway, road trips are now more affordable, convenient, secure, and environmentally friendly than ever before.

To accommodate the growing popularity of electric vehicles, the government has installed approximately 16 thousand charging stations and 44 thousand charging outlets around the country between 2021 and 2022.

Choosing a destination, packing clothes, snacks, drinks, and organizing activities used to be all that was required before a trip, but now you also need to plan where to plug in your electric car.

Curious about how to juice up your EV while on the road? Find out what it is by reading on!

Is Your Electric Car Suitable for Road-Tripping?

Future road trips will be taken in zero-emission electric vehicles. The question of whether or not electric cars are suited for a longer trip is becoming less pressing as both their battery range and their popularity increase.

Since the price of energy is about equivalent to that of gasoline (albeit lower), driving an electric vehicle has never been more financially feasible.

To put it another way, whether you drive a 2019 Jaguar I-Pace with a respectable 230-mile range or a Tesla Model 3 with a blistering 300-mile range, you can rest assured that electric car charging is becoming increasingly commonplace across the country, making it easier to charge your EV (electric vehicle) while on the road.

But before you go, be sure you understand these guidelines:

  • When fully charged, how far can you drive your electric vehicle?
  • Evaluate the state of the battery in the electric vehicle.
  • It might have some drawbacks.
  • Track down a power source.

How to Charge Your Electric Car on Road-Trip?

Getting behind the wheel of an electric vehicle for the first time? Do not worry about it. Trips in an electric car can be less stressful and more enjoyable than those in a gas-powered vehicle.

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Nonetheless, you’ll need some forethought and good driving sense. Therefore, here are some things to bear in mind when driving an electric vehicle, regardless of the type:

1. First, consider the available charging stations for your electric vehicle while plotting your route.

One of the first things to do when organizing a road trip is to select a path that can accommodate your charging requirements.

Map plan your ideal route throughout the country, taking use of the hundreds of electric vehicle charging stations placed along the nation’s many expressways and motorways. But let’s say you’re someone who relies on electricity.

If so, you might already be aware that the range of an electric vehicle varies depending on the driving conditions, such as whether or not the vehicle is accelerating rapidly, the temperature inside the vehicle is being adjusted, or both.

This is why, while looking for local charging stations, you should allow your electric car a 10% cushion.

In other words, if your electric car has a 100-mile range, choose a charging station that is no more than 90 miles away.

In addition, use quick chargers so you aren’t forced to wait around for hours at a time when on the road.

Instead, with a direct electric car charging station, a full charge may be achieved in 30–40 minutes. You may choose the best route for your road trip by using third-party applications or conducting some web research.

2. A Guide to Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
All electric vehicle chargers are not created equal; in fact, there are three distinct categories:

  • They are the slowest method of charging an electric vehicle, and are thus designated as Level 01. All you need is a standard wall socket and an adaptor for your electric vehicle. A complete charge might take up to 24 hours when using a level 01 charger. Level 01 chargers, which take the longest to fully charge, are ideal for use at home. In addition, the battery can only hold enough power for a 50-mile journey.
  • A level 02 charging station, typically located in business districts or outlying regions, can fully charge your electric vehicle in around 8 hours, but you’ll only be able to travel 28 mph until you need to recharge again. The ability to charge an electric car overnight while staying in a hotel makes them a convenient option. However, bringing a level 02 charger with you on the go might be a hassle.
  • Direct Current Fast Chargers (Level 3): Plugging your electric car into a DC rapid charging station will improve your battery life by 80% in just 30 to 60 minutes, making it ideal for road trips. The recommendation from us? When taking an electric car on the road, charging at a Level 3 station is the best option.
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Given your current understanding of available charging options, you may select the chargers that are the best fit for your needs.

The cost of using a level 02 charging station for an electric vehicle ranges from $1 to $5 per hour, whereas using a level 3 charging station can cost anywhere from $10 to $30, mostly dependent on the electric vehicle’s battery.

3. Use Available or Third-Party Apps and Map Out Your Mileage in Advance

In today’s age of digitization and smart technology, there are several resources available to help travelers find public charging stations.

There is a constant stream of technological advances, from applications made just for that purpose to those found standard in electric vehicles. Listed below are a few of the most downloaded applications for charging electric vehicles:

  • PlugShare : You may use the app to locate both public and private charging stations for your electric vehicle by entering information about the charging device, the location, and the network on which you want to use it. Besides charging your car and organizing road trips, PlugShare also lets you pay for your charges and make payments.
  • EVHotels : This app streamlines the process of locating public charging stations for electric vehicles as well as lodgings that provide such facilities. To use EVHotels, however, you must have an iOS device.
  • Google Maps : Google Maps, one of the most widely used navigational aids, includes a convenient built-in system that allows you to predict how much charge your electric car will have when you reach your destination and finds the most convenient charging stations along your route.
  • ChargeHub : It’s a community of EV drivers working together to help you find the nearest charging station for your electric vehicle, regardless of the network type.
  • EVgo : EVgo is not only a network for charging electric vehicles, but also a tool for locating open charging hubs in the area. It’s important to note that EVgo has its own payment system.
  • Chargeway : Chargeway is an electric vehicle (EV) charging station locator that is used by multiple charging networks. It’s useful for road trips because it tells you how long it will take to charge the car and where you can get food and other necessities.
  • Open Charge : The crowd-sourced map of EV charging stations is the most comprehensive of its kind. No matter where you are, Open Charge can help you find a charging network for your electric car along your route.
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Be aware that these apps can aid in route planning, price comparison, station location, and even reminding you to plug in. Today is the day to get yourself a charging app for your electric car.

4 Choose hotels that have charging stations for electric cars.

When planning a road trip, “where to stay?” is always at the top of the list of worries. Pick a hotel with a charging station for your electric car if you plan on staying there.

Because you can leave your car at the hotel when the day is done and come back to a fully charged battery.

The Marriott and the Parker Palm Springs are two great examples of hotels that offer electric car charging.

5. Always Have a Backup Plan

When you finally make it to a charging station for your electric vehicle, only to discover it inoperable or occupied by a gas-powered vehicle, you may feel a little bit of anger rising up.

This will not only cause you to be late, but it may also be the end of your road trip if your electric vehicle dies before you can recharge it. Therefore, before leaving your house, ensure that you have a means of charging your electric vehicle.

Everything you need to charge your electric vehicle, including the charging cord, an extra-long extension cord, and a plug adaptor.

While it is important to stick to your road trip itinerary, keep in mind that you are taking this vacation to unwind, so be open to new experiences and ideas.

Final Thoughts!

There is no denying that taking an electric automobile on the open road is a unique experience compared to driving a gas-powered vehicle across country.

In reality, road trips are better with an electric car because, with a little forethought and knowledge of the latest in efficient charging methods, you can make any journey worry-free and memorable.

Electric vehicles (electric cars and electric bikes) have been interesting to me for the past few years, and I will always love them. With my electric car, I spend many of my weekends going to different places in different cities. Here I am sharing my knowledge, experience, and important facts about electric cars and electric bikes.

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