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"A total Football education in a country that gave the world the beautiful game."


Development, Exposure and Opportunity

RIASA is about player development. Players have every opportunity to develop their abilities as part of their football education  through playing professional academy/reserve teams.  In addtional students will have the opportunity for professional internship opportunties in a variety of fields connected to the football industry. One of the highlights is the ability to undertake the covereted Football Assocaiton (FA) coaching license, respected through out the world as one of the best coaching licenses available. Many former students have obtained the FA license and enhanced their emplyoment opportunities within the football industry upon graduation.

In previous seasons RIASA has played against Walsall FC, Middlesborough FC, Notts County FC,  Hull City FC, West Ham and many other top European Clubs through various training and development opportunties.

Some of the teams RIASA has played against professional youth academies/reserve teams at a number of levels providing a cultural as well as a true football development opportunity  (2010-2015)

  • Hull City FC (Championship)               
  • York City (League Two);    
  • Leeds Untied (Championship)
  • Blackburn Rovers (Championship)
  • Burnley (Championship)
  • Villarreal (Spain – Premiership)
  • Motherwell (Scotland Premiership)
  • Huddersfield Town (League One)
  • Ajax of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Manchester City FC (Premiership)
  • Rotherham United (Championship)
  • FC Halifax Town (Conference)
  • Gateshead (Conference)


Cataylst Four: Your link to the Professional world.

For all Non EU passport holders RIASA has a working relationship with Catalyst Four. See link at: http://www.catalyst4soccer.com/

Press Release at: http://riasa.org/blog?hid=2192

Catyalst Four works directly with Mark Ellis the RIASA football Director in assessing players that are good enough to be put forward to professional clubs in Europe and Asia.

                                 RIASA Provides Professional Training Opportunities for players

In addition RIASA provides Professional Training Opportunities for players to attend training sessions. Last year several RIASA Goalkeepers trained with Everton FC, Barnsley FC and Oldhan Athletic FC as part of their development and experience.



Visiting Coaches from Continental Europe.


RIASA will have a number of visiting coaches from the Netherlands and Spain. This will be an opportunity to learn  coaches, and also get exposure to these professional coaches.


                             RIASA Students at Manchester City FC and Ajax in showcase events.


Nahki Wells, pictured right, became the first RIASA player to be signed professionally by Carlisle Untied (League One), after his first semester in the academy. Nahki is now a player at Championship team Huddersfield Town FC after a record transfer fee.


           Spivack and Eissle to Kemi Kings in Finland, March 2012 Ryan Jones to Kemi Kings, 2014


 Left: Adam Mc Cabe (Florida) and CJ Lyle (CT) were invited to train with the Sporting Chareroi resreves in Belgium, April  2012.

Right: RIASA Students playing for Bradford City FC U23 vs Walsall FC

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