RIASA and Catalyst4soccer connect to provide professional opportunities in Europe and Asia.


Last week Catalyst4soccer directors Nick McCreery and Neil Saxton met RIASA football Director, Mark Ellis and RIASA Academy coach John Hendrie to discuss how RIASA students who have proved themselves can be showcased to professional European and Asian teams. It was agreed a working partnership will see Catalyst4soccer monitor and work closely with both Ellis and Hendrie regarding any opportunity for students.

Catalyst4soccer has extensive working relationships throughout Asia and Europe and have monitored RIASA students at a number of games this past season. They were present at the West Riding Cup final and liked two players in particular that they are interested in putting their name behind.

McCreery and Saxton Catylist 4 Directors stated, " I see a strong synergy with our partner clubs especially in Scandinavia with the RIASA project. At present we have a number of players based in this region who are benefitting from professional game time, excellent facilities and a similar culture on and off the pitch. An example of such a player is Gary Martin who was released from English Championship side Middlesbrough two years ago. Within this time Gary has established himself in Iceland as the top goalscorer of the past two years and will be playing in European Champions League Qualifiers this season . Martin has also attracted attention from a host of top European clubs. Gary just needed the opportunity!!  We want to give RIASA  students a similar pathway."

Full details of Catalyst4soccer can be seen at:

Catalyst4soccer states on their web site:

"Since our formation, our aim has been to establish several core values, such as loyalty, trust and diligence alongside recognized partners within Sports Law and accredited FIFA agents. With this foundation, we feel our clients can fulfil their true potential on and off the field.

Catalyst4Soccer act for a multitude of clients from a wide range of nationalities, footballing backgrounds and clubs. The client base is growing steadily, mainly due to existing clients referring us to fellow professionals.

Our services includes recruitment, contract negotiations, player marketing, delivering commercial opportunities and career guidance, to name but a few. At Catalyst4Soccer, each of our clients whether established or not, are supplied with an outstanding and comprehensive range of personalised services tailored to meet their individual need."

Mark Ellis RIASA football Director stated, "Catalyst4soccer will give the RIASA students deemed good enough a perfect opportunity to get European and Football Asian professional opportunities.

Ellis Added, “This is the perfect fit for RIASA students who do not hold a EU passport as a exit route into the game. The fact a client of Catalyst4soccer have purchased a 51% share into a Belgium club gives the indication they are not only serious but they have the ability to deliver. This is good news for those RIASA students who have shown the necessary skill and attitude to warrant a professional opportunity and highlights further what makes our program unique in terms of development, exposure and opportunity for any student"

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