RIASA Academic Director & Faculty.

Dr. Paul Lloyd

RIASA Academic Director

After graduating from Leeds University with a BA in Communication Arts and Public Media, Paul worked for a time as a manager within the NHS, before retraining as a teacher in adult education, teaching a range of social studies subjects. He gained his MA in Education from Southampton and taught adult and further education teacher training courses for several years, developing an interest in leadership development.

He has also worked with a national youth organization in the development and delivery of a youth leadership development programme, and has taught many regional trainers to continue the development of the initiative.

Moving into Higher Education ten years ago, Paul has taken charge of two large student unions as General Manager, which included the management of both welfare and business operations and leading the transition of both organizations to registered charities. He has continued his interest in leadership development through work with the elected sabbatical officers and he is currently writing his doctoral thesis for Leeds University, examining the training and development of student union leaders.


Tessa Cleary. Director of Academic Recruitment.

Academic Admissions. Boston MA.

Tessa is readily available to provide information regarding all aspects of the academic program as well as providing information on the Financial Aid process.


All prospective students should have their transcripts and a letter of recommendation from a teacher, school counselor or professor sent to Tessa in the Boston, RIASA office. The office address is listed below.

Tessa believes that Richmond’s objective to provide each student with a global education is essential to one’s success in today’s market. The knowledge one gains at Richmond will no doubt serve as a valuable asset in our global economy.

 Tessa can be reached by email at: clearyt@richmond.ac.uk


Office (617) 958-9592.


RIASA Mailing address.

Tessa Cleary

RIASA U.S. Academic Admissions 

343 Congress Street, Suite 3100,

Boston, MA 02210-1214 


Teaching Faculty

Dr. Colin Howley

Assistant Professor Richmond International Academic Soccer Academy

With an interdisciplinary academic background in American literature and cultural studies, Dr Howley has taught a wide variety of courses at several British Universities including the University of Sheffield and John Moores University.

Dr Howley's research interests focus upon the area of modern and contemporary African American cultural production Ð with a particular reference to sport, music and masculinities. He has published articles on Spike Lee and Hip-hop culture and was recently a specialist curator for a season of jazz films at the Showroom cinema in Sheffield. Currently, Dr Howley is preparing research from his doctoral thesis 'Of Hoop and Men: Blackness, Masculinity and Basketball in the Writings of John Edgar Wideman' for monograph application. He is also pursuing further research into the relationship between Modernism and contemporary African American fiction.

Dr Howley has presented research papers at national and international conferences including British Association of American Studies (BAAS) and the Sports Literature Association (SLA). He also holds a three-year Honorary Research Fellowship at the University of Sheffield.

Recent Conference Papers:

       • Jun. 2012  Documentary, Ethnography and the Representation of Community in Soul in the Hole

  • Apr. 2009 'Invisible Views': Blackness, Urban Bodies and Community in John Edgar Wideman's Two Cities: A Love Story British Association for American Studies annual conference, Nottingham.
  • May. 2006 '"Reconsidering Muscular Assimilation": Basketball, Race and Class in John Edgar Wideman's Brothers and Keepers' International Sporting Cultures Conference, Liverpool.
  • Apr. 2004 'Writing Hoop Dreams: Basketball and the Quest for the American Dream' British Association for American Studies annual conference, Manchester.
  • Jun. 2003 '"Ball and Chain": The Basketball Court and the Trope of the Prison Yard In Contemporary African American Narratives' Sports Literature Association annual conference, Springfield, MA.
  • Apr. 2002 '"In Your Face": African American Culture and the Aesthetics of Basketball In Contemporary American Fiction' British Association for American Studies annual conference, Oxford.


Emily Tebbs-Dube. Senior Lecturer at RIASA.


Professor Tebbs-Dube is a senior lecturer in Economics from Leeds Met University's Business School. She has taught extensively in Africa, China and the U.S. her master's is from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. She has worked with several African governments on poverty reduction, management and leadership programs.


Emily has added a North American flavor to the program. Her life experiences and travel has made a connection to the students on the program who can relate to working and studying in a different cultural environment from which they grew up in.

Albert Danso

Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Economics

BA (Ghana), MSc (Leeds) and PhD (Pursuing at the York Management School)

Albert holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Ghana, MSc from the Leeds Business School and he is currently at the completion stages of a PhD (in Finance) at the York Management School. Albert began his career with the Richmond University in 2014 as Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Economics. Before joining Richmond University, Albert was teaching at the Leeds Metropolitan University as a Part time Lecturer (mathematics) in the International foundation Programme. He also taught in Ghana for several years. Albert’s teaching experience lies in the areas of Finance, Mathematics, Economies and Research Methods.

Selected Articles and conference papers:
• Adomako, S., Danso, A. & Ampadu, E. (In press). Institutional Outlook of Entrepreneurial Climate in Ghana. International Journal of Social Economics

• Danso, A., & Adomako. S. (In press). The financial behaviour of firms and financial crisis. Managerial Finance Journal.

• Adomako, S. & Danso, A. (2014). Regulatory environment, environmental dynamism, political ties and performance. Study of entrepreneurial firms in a developing economy. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, Vol. 21( 2), 212- 229.

• Adomako, S., Gasor, G. & Danso (2013). Examining human resource managers’ involvement in mergers and acquisitions (M&As) process in Ghana, Journal of Management Policy and Practice, 14(6): 25-36.

• Danso, A. and S. Adomako (2014). Interrelationships between entrepreneurial risk-taking, network ties, and firm performance. British Academy of Management, 9th to 11th September 2014 - Belfast Waterfront, Northern Ireland.

• Danso, A. (2013). Firm-level Determinants of Capital Structure: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa. Africa Accounting and Finance Association Conference, Kampala, Uganda. 3rd Sept- 6th Sept. 2013.

Alex Bond

Adjunct Instructor Richmond International Academic Soccer Academy

Currently a Sport Management Doctoral Researcher in the final stages, Alex has a multidisciplinary academic and research philosophy, connecting disciplines such as Sport Law, Sport Economics, Sport Marketing and Sport Finance, which transpires into his teaching.
Alex is an active researcher in Sport Management currently working on the following projects;

- A critical economic and financial analysis of the Super League, focusing on the effects league restructuring and demand analysis

- A critical investigation to the marketing strategies and planning of Professional Rugby League clubs outside the top flight

- A critical evaluation of the CPD opportunities available to Rugby League Players to aid the development of an educational package

- Premier League Health Project (Statistical Support)

- A critical Economic analysis of The Football League (Submitted for Publication Review)

His Doctoral Research draws together Sport Consumption Motives, Sport Economics Determinants of Demand and Fan Identification by developing a structural model for English Football consumption. He is set to present at the 3rd Global Sport conference in Oxford and the European Association of Sport Management (EASM) Conference in Coventry. Currently working towards becoming an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy demonstrates his commitment to pedagogy.


Dr. Lucia Morawska



Adjunct Professor Richmond International Academic Soccer Academy

Educated in the UK and Poland, Lucia specializes in Modern European History and Anthropology. Her PhD dissertation: : Lelov: Cultural memory and a Jewish town. Investigating the identity of an ultra-orthodox society, is due for submission shortly. It is planned to be published also as a non-academic work to become available to the wider public.

Lucia also has a long-standing interest in the philosophy and critical thinking. Previously, she researched in the Philosophy of Dialogue and Jewish Mysticism, which resulted in her Master's Dissertation: Mystical and kabbalistic ideas in Martin Bubber's Philosophy of Dialogue Role of the other and its linguistic creation. Her BA degree trained her to cover Social Sciences and Humanities and her subject specialism is History and History of Philosophy and Ethics with an elective in Cultural History. Luciahave also studied Politics and Journalism in addition to these core subjects.

She taught at University of Huddersfield before coming to Richmond to lecture in World Cultural History and Introduction to Philosophy at RIASA in Leeds.

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