Application for RIASA Undergraduate Admission

As RIASA is a highly selective program places are limited for the academy. It is not a rolling admission process.You are strongly advised to have your application completed early. Once the incoming class enrollment is met applicants are put on a rolling wait list. If you have any questions about the admission process please email:

The application process is twofold


1. Academic Application

Make sure you search:

Richmond, The American International University in London as the University you are applying too.


Identify Richmond International Academic and Soccer Academy on the common app form; this ensures the applciation goes to the correct office. 

 Permission to Discuss Application with 3rd Party Form

Please complete and email back to Tessa Cleary at:

2. Soccer Application


We have SIX pathways to football acceptance:
1. Be seen by a scout at a tournament/game (acceptable but least preferred)
2. Attend one of the 'Experience RIASA' Prospects Events

3. Have attended the RIASA summer Experience in England
4. Visit the campus in Leeds, England for training and evaluation (available between Sept and April)
 5. Video footage of a recent game
6. Coach's Recommendation along with Soccer Resume.

We require two of the above criteria. Our preference is ANY of  2, 3 and 4 above.


Important Dates

We strongly advise you to submit your application by the following date

May 1st for the Fall Semester; assuming enrollment is still open.

Nov 1st for Spring Applications; assuming enrollment is still open

Late applications will be considered provided there is space available

First Year applications will be considered provided there is space available


You may apply on the basis of secondary school qualifications. If you are waiting for the results of final school examinations, we may be able to accept you provisionally on the strength of your application, your reference and your past academic record. However, we must receive your final results as soon as they become available.

All academic records must be original documents or certified copies. If they are not in English, they must be accompanied by an official English translation.

The Confidential Reference Form or Confidential Reference Letter must come from a teacher or guidance counselor at your academic institution, and it must be sent in a sealed and signed envelope.

All transfer students and visiting students with fewer than 30 credits or one year in a university level institution must send secondary school academic records, as well as their university transcripts.

To speed up the application process, you may email your application and any supporting documentation to the Admissions Office and mail the originals. Any decisions based on email applications will be provisional until we have received the originals of all documents.

Keep a copy of your application form and any documents you send to the university.

Teacher Reference Confidential forms please have your school teacher, professor or counselor scan and email to:

Please address any academic admission questions to:

 Tessa Cleary.

Office (617) 958-9592.


RIASA Mailing address.

RIASA U.S. Academic Admissions 

343 Congress Street, Suite 3100,

Boston, MA 02210-1214 


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